Polycarbonate are impact resistant and can come with high optical, electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties. For manufacturing a variety of nameplates, labels and tags. This material can be ideal for highly detailed requirements and offers true color reproduction, optical clarity, and amazing depth effect.

Polycarbonate labels can be chemical resistant, scratch resistant, and are impervious to standard wear and tear. Polycarbonate can come in a wide variety of grades, including special textures that enable it to be used in special applications. A polished grade for arrays and panels such as medical packaging, LED or LCD display windows, labels for home appliances like washing machines and dishwashers, and audio and video equipment control panels. This material is also used with other consumer electronics and indoor display applications.

Aside from versatility and durability, this material is easily worked to precise designs to match design specifications using a variety of etching and engraving techniques. It is also considered environmentally friendly, can be flame retardant, UV-ray resistant, and compliant with USP and FDA requirements.

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