What are the Different Types of Office Signage?

What are the Different Types of Office Signage?

If you’ve ever wondered ‘what are all the different types of Office signage?”, as well as “how can signage be used to enhance business premises, brand’s recognition and staff and customer experiences”, then here’s an overview of the types of signage that Arts N Prints designs, produces and installs for clients across India.

External Branding

External branding signage can include panel signage, striking monoliths and even banner signs. External branding makes sure your organisation stands out from passing traffic and those seeking your premises.

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Internal Branding and Way-finding Signage

From custom-framed graphics, printed and cut vinyl, to bespoke cut wall graphics and etched glass vinyl, all help to convey brand values and help people find their way around your premises, whilst continuing the brand experience.

signage design bangalore - Kumpalo.parkersydnorhistoric.orgSelf Adhesive Wall Decals - First Port | B2B Graphics


Stand-off Signage

Generally being see-through or solid-colour signage that is secured to walls using supports and fittings, stand-off signage protrudes into a room, capturing attention and instilling a sense of quality to the viewer.

Standoff Signs | Signs Now Plymouth

Sign Trays

Sign trays are ideal for exterior signage. Fabricated in aluminium, they convey a strong, quality brand representation.

Sign trays made NOT resold.




Illuminated signage drives brands forward in low-lit areas and of course, at night time. Superb for conveying contrasts in design and for adding a level of sophistication, illuminated signage can also incorporate low-cost LED lighting.

Rectangle Stainless Steel LED Illuminated Sign Boards, Rs 450 ...


From soon-to-be-occupied office and retail units, to development and construction sites, hoarding can carry any number of important messages and designs, as well as representing brand values and communicating contact methods.

Hoarding Board Design ~ RK Graphics

Post, Gates & Railing Mounted Signs

Signs that capitalise on passing foot-fall, mark organisational locations and aid way-finding, post and railing-mounted signage designs enhance their environment and communicate with your target groups.

Soft & Changeable Signage

From fabric display systems to light-box-effect signage, coverings can be changed as per marketing campaigns or organisational change.

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Retail – Glass Manifestations

Otherwise known as window graphics, glass manifestations can range from simple safety markings, way-finding, through to elaborate extensions of signage and branding.

Decals | Bumper Stickers | Graphics | Cottrell Signs

Retail Point-of-Sale Signage

Point-of-sale signage can be as simple as cards, tags and posters and as sophisticated as bespoke printed and manufactured banners, frames and stands.

Essential point of sale displays for retailers

If you need to breathe life into your premises and you’d like to know more about the various business signage solutions available to you, click speak to a member of the Arts N Prints team! Our signage experts understand the latest signage techniques, products, processes and mediums and are ready to help. +91 9036882889


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