Custom embossed metal plate are created using a unique manufacturing process that makes them one of the most durable and distinctive plates. Our Stonewear manufacturing process involves the use of a male and a female die that fit perfectly together, which are then used to stamp raised impressions into metal sheets. The secret to creating highly durable embossed metal plates is being stamped by the mated dies. The pressure of two dies onto a sheet of metal results in a plate that has raised designs that are smooth and extremely durable. Metal Plates can be embossed with or without custom printing.

Reproduction of metal plate made with a special set of embossing die can be completed quickly. This is an effective manufacturing method for those who require a high number of plates to be produced in a short amount of time. In addition, a variety of metals can be used for custom embossed metal including aluminum, stainless steel, brass and copper. This marking method can be used on metals varying in thickness from .012 – .032” depending on the material and embossing.

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