Stove Enamel

Stove Enamelling

A heatproof enamel produced by heat treatment in a stove, or a paint imitating it.

This is an attractive option if you would like a nameplate to not only show particular patterns and finishes integrated with the coating, but also be weather-resistant. Like powder coating, this process involves the coating being applied wet before it is ‘cured’ by heat.

This process is based on liquid paints which are cured by oven baking. It normally requires several coats and a high level of skill, particularly when applying special finishes such as hammers, wrinkles and spatter finishes. Powder coating has largely replaced this traditional coating technique, but we retain the expertise because there are applications where this is the most appropriate or cost effective method. For example:

  • Large quantities of small parts, where the cost of hanging for powder coating is significant
  • Components requiring complicated masking or two colours on the same component
  • Applications requiring a low film build
  • Some colours and special effects are much more difficult, or impossible to achieve in powder i.e. spatter, wrinkle, fluorescent, and certain textures

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