Plastic signs are a great for event day signage, like directions to venue. They are also great for menus, conferences, and other similar events. They tend to be smaller than other signs that we provide, but that does not hinder their impact. Plastic signs work great within a store to direct customers to certain areas or where particular merchandise is located.

We can easily add your logo and contact information for special event exhibitions. Because they are so cost-effective, having several signs for various events is a successful and attainable goal.


Benefits of Plastic Signs

Plastic signs can be double-sided which is great for advertising your business or communicating important details about where an event is being held. There are also a variety of sign types that you can choose from for display, for example, hanging, or a-frame. Plastic signs are also portable which makes them useful if you need to use it for a number of events.

Plastic signs are lightweight and can be easily moved, so you are able to move the sign to the location that benefits you most, depending on where the traffic (cars and foot) is on that particular day.

Weaknesses of Plastic Signs

Plastic signs may not be as durable is extremely windy weather, so if you have one, remember to bring it inside on those especially windy days.

Installation and Care

Plastic signs are extremely versatile in how they are installed. We can look at your space and see what works best for you and what you want to achieve.

Plastic signs are not designed for long-term outdoor storage so remember to bring your sign in at the end of the day. To learn more about plastic signs and other materials, contact +91 9036882889