Brass are an affordable alternative to traditional gold plates. Brass is a corrosion resistant metal alloy composed of copper and zinc. This metal is oftentimes mistaken for bronze, which is a similar alloy made with copper and tin. Brass is traditionally more gold in color while bronze has a red tone.

Brass is often chosen for name plates due to its rich, gold color and decorative quality. Common applications include commemorative plaques, signs, and other decorative nameplates. Nameplates can also create custom brass name plates using leaded brass, which helps increase machinability. It is also a highly malleable type of metal and is commonly used when casting is required due to its low melting point. Custom brass name plates are often used in environments where sparks cannot be struck and electrical and plumbing applications.

Available Brass Thicknesses:
.020”, .025”, .032”, .064”, .125”.8″, 1″, 1.2″, 1.5″ mm

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