Printed Magnetic Signs

Magnetic signs are a way to market your business at all times. The signs are meant to be used on steel surfaces that are smooth, like vehicles. Magnet signs are an affordable option to spread the word about your business. You never know how many potential customers are sitting next to you at a red light or driving alongside you on the freeway.

Your logo (or image) and text can easily be added your magnetic sign. They work well on:

  • Company cars
  • Delivery trucks/vans

Benefits of Magnetic Signs

Since the magnetic signs can be easily removed, it is a nice way to market for special events. Because the signs can be easily removed and installed, you can have a temporary or permanent mobile advertisement for your business. You can even turn your personal car into a temporary moving billboard for your business or event.

Magnetic signs can be cut and a trimmed to fit your vehicle, so the options are almost unlimited on what kind of vehicle can showcase your sign and your business.

Customize your magnetic sign with bold colors and clear text to catch the eye of potential customers. Our signs are manufactured quickly with a reasonable turnaround time.

Weaknesses of Magnetic Signs

Be mindful not to apply a sign to a newly painted or a hot vehicle as it may permanently adhere or compromise the paint of the vehicle.

Installation and Care

The signs are easily cleaned using a gentle soap mixed with water. When removing your sign, remember to wash both the sign and the vehicle so as not to do any damage to the vehicle. To learn more about magnetic signs and other materials, contact +91 9036882889