Photosensitive and Metalphoto Aluminum Process

Metalphoto aluminum is a specialized anodized aluminum used to manufacture photosensitive metal plates. The customized print or copy is produced by embedding color dyes into the pores of the aluminum surface and sealing the plate using an anodic layer. Photosensitive nameplates are relatively low-cost in limited quantities, extremely durable, and can be produced quickly.

Photosensitive plates are produced by developing silver halide on the inner layer of a sheet of photosensitive anodized aluminum. The silver halide image is permanently sealed within the anodic layer. Colored dyes can be added during production for a limited number of background colors.

Commonly used in the creation of high-resolution plates, Metalphoto aluminum is a durable option for control panels, labels, and variable information such as anti-counterfeit security features, machine readable barcodes, and serialized information. Due to the being sealed within the metal, it is also resistant to sunlight degradation, corrosion, high temperatures, abrasion, and even chemical exposure.