Night Patrol Inspections

Drive Business To Your Door With Night Patrol Inspection.
Your parking lot and sign are part of your brand, a visual representation of who you are and what you stand for. When your parking lot lights are out or your sign illumination is malfunctioning, you are not as able to convey your message. Become part of our Night Patrol Sign Inspection service to keep your lights on and signs lit properly, functioning as an invitation to your customers.

Serving Seven Geographic Areas, We Keep Your Parking Lot Lights And Signs Functional And Bright.
A dark parking lot or dark sign can give customers the impression that you are not open or that your services are lacking luster. Safety is also a factor in keeping your parking lot well lit. We regularly survey the parking lots and signs in our program to let you know if a light is out or a letter lacks illumination, tarnishing your brand, or compromising the safety of customers and employees. Through one simple phone call, you are alerted to the state of your lighting situation and we give you the opportunity for priority scheduling to restore functionality to your parking lot lights or sign.

Discounted Service Gets Your Parking Lot Lights And Signs Back In Action.
As part of our Night Patrol Inspection program, we offer a discounted service rate to repair the sign or replace your parking lot lights. Our sign technicians are on the road daily to install, maintain, and replace signs and parking lot lights. Our in-house licensed electrician supports a full range of electronic sign function. is a Class A Contractor ready to respond to your lighting needs. We take the guesswork out of the safety of your well-lit parking lots. Get your electronic signs fully functional before your business is impacted.