Dibond is formed by permanently attaching two sheets of aluminum onto a solid plastic core. These signs are thick in composition and despite light weight offer much strength .due to durability widely used in outdoor promotions

Dibond is a type of aluminum on the outside and a solid polyethylene core, which makes the sign strong and durable, yet lightweight – a perfect combination. Dibond signs are commonly used as directional and regulatory signs. Dibond signs are often mounted on poles or walls.

Dibond signs can be signs that communicate the rules or regulations or they can be large enough to be business signs mounted to the exterior of a building.

Benefits of Dibond Signs

Dibond signs are very durable outdoors and last a long time in extreme weather (both hot and cold). Dibond is more lightweight than regular aluminum. If your business has a problem with people parking where they shouldn’t, a dibond sign is the perfect solution to let the public know the appropriate places to park and the hours in which to do so.

Dibond signs are easily customizable so it can be created to fit your image and your business’s purpose. Dibond signs look professional and can be used indoor or outdoor. They command attention and are straight to the point, communicating their purposes quickly and succinctly.

Weaknesses of Dibond Signs

If possible, dibond signs should not be installed in direct sunlight as it can speed up the fading of the colors on and the integrity of the sign. Also, a high-powered hose should not be used on a dibond size for any lengthy period of time.

Installation and Care

Installing a dibond sign is simple as it is usually bolted onto a wall or other hard surface. Additionally, dibond is easily cleaned with a little bit of soap and water.
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