Engrave Name Plate Process

Engraved name plates are manufactured through an intricate process called engraving. Rotary engraving creates crisp grooves into metal or plastic to create a permanent design. The markings are extremely durable and can withstand exposure to conditions such as high heat, abrasives, tough weather conditions, and corrosive substances. Engraved metal and plastic plates with the use of a rotary or laser engraver. The rotary engraver is primarily used to mark metals and certain types of plastic like acrylic. It uses a spinning cutter to create the recessed designs into the material that is chosen. Laser engraver is commonly used on plastics, aluminum and st steel. Laser engraving produces a mark on materials by altering the surface chemicals, melting and/or ablating.

Engraving is commonly used to create letters, numbers and pictograms on various materials. Laser engraving can also be used to add barcodes to some surfaces. With the help of specialized software able to produce detailed code in linear and 2D formats that can be added to custom engraved nameplates. Engraving is commonly used for materials including plastic, stainless steel, coated stainless steel, aluminum, anodized aluminum, and coated aluminum.

The most durable nameplate with the required specifications in a short amount of time.

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