Metal Stamped

Custom stamped metal tags are often used for municipal dog tags, serial number plates and identification tags. These tags are marked using a stamping process to imprint numbers or letters into the metal, producing recessed text, designs, or copy. A variety of metals for these tags including stainless steel, bronze, brass, and aluminum.

By stamping into the metal with a steel type, the custom characters required for the nameplate design are permanently imprinted in the material. For this process, the copy is generally set with an existing steel type from our inventory, but a special die can be produced if other typestyles are needed. For special dies. Custom stamped metal tags are as durable as etched plates, but often less expensive and able to be manufactured in a short amount of time.

In addition, stamping can also be done by hand with the use of any readily available hand-held stamping devices. These marking devices are used to create unique alphanumeric combinations that can be added to asset tags, model and serial plates, and inventory tags.

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